1. Who is best served by an estate sale?
There are many circumstances that mandate the sale of a house and the emptying of its contents. Death, Divorce, Downsizing and Foreclosure

2. What items are sold at an estate sale?
Virtually anything found in a home. Furniture, appliances, antiques, collectibles, tools, jewelry, glassware, linens, holiday items, kitchenware, decorative items, clothing, guns, coins, vehicles and more...

3. What will it cost me to have a sale?
There is no out of pocket cost to you to have the sale. Our services include all advertising, supplies and of course our time and knowledge. We are only paid based on the commission we charge.

4. What do I need to do to prepare the home prior to calling you?
Nothing. Please do Not throw anything away prior to our meeting. Often homeowners or family members clean and organize a home prior to calling a professional and inevitably throw away very valuable items simply because they are unaware of their value.


We encourage you to contact and interview other estate sale companies. It is important that you ask these key questions when interviewing them.

1. Do you carry commercial insurance?
May I have a copy of your certificate of liability insurance?

2. Are you a certified appraiser?

3. Do you have a website?
What is the address?

4. Do you have current references? 
May I have 3? 

5. Who will have access to my home during setup and clean out?
Will the liquidator Always be on site to provide access, supervise setup and pricing and of course insure the security of the property? If not who will they assign these tasks and responsibilities to? 

6. After the sale what happens to the unsold items?  
Are they donated to charity and the receipts given to you the owner or does the liquidator now own them to sell or dispose of at their discretion (and profit)?

7. Do you charge a minimum (guaranteed commission)? 
If so what is it?
It should NEVER cost you anything out of pocket to have a sale. If there is not enough value to conduct a sale and perform a clean out while still netting you a profit - there are other options available to you.

8. Do you sell jewelry and precious metals?
What is the minimum you sell them for? 
It should Never be less than 60-70% of spot by weight. 

9. Do you have a retail location or outlet?

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